Our new fresh-faced & funky look

Just when you thought MyVoltage couldn’t get any more inventive, we thought, well… let’s spice it up for you then. We know you are used to our intelligent and innovative utility smart metering solutions, and the trajectory to keep on disrupting the industry is absolutely ON POINT. However, we felt it was time for a completely new look. While it’s only been five years’ since MyVoltage’s inception – a lot has changed.

We grew; we got smarter and we evolved. We came to realise that WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO, and HOW WE DO IT has entirely outgrown our visual brand.

Inspiration behind the new look

Everybody likes to look awesome if they feel it, right?

Out with grey, enter: purple.

Away with normal safe colours, and in with funky, fresh and friendly, yet powerful colours that invites you in.

Our new look is powered by You and Your needs! That’s why it was time to bring in bold, vibrant and relatable colours you would be able to feel and really connect with

Some things change, some things stay the same

Rest assured that the key things that make us stand out like a beacon in the industry DID NOT CHANGE.


  • Our commitment to simplifying utility smart metering and putting the power back in your hands!
  • Our next-level service and product offering
  • Our DNA: Trust, Transparency, Innovation & Precision
  • Our moto: We don’t assume! We are sure!

Aircons on?

Great, because things are about to get really hot and happening at MyVoltage.

Watch this space.

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